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Revolutionary New Child Development Programme for children 3 – 5

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A unique approach to learning

Develop talents: accelerate learning, teach giftedness


·       Movement skills

·       Language development

·       Perception and number

·       Thinking skills

·       Social development and behaviour


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For most parents, their children’s education comes high on their list of priorities.


Supporting Parents


Understandably, there are concerns when it is reported that “Just over half of 5 year olds have failed to reach the Government’s new targets for what children should know, understand and be able to do by the end of their first year in primary school.” John Clare, Education Editor Daily Telegraph


This programme has been designed by an expert in child development to remove any anxieties parents may have and it provides a range of opportunities to enhance and accelerate their children’s learning.


What can the programme do?


In the pack, you will find an instructional manual, a DVD (for the parent, not the child) and all of the equipment needed to develop the child’s thinking skills.


This programme is not about making children complete endless worksheets with numbers and words: it is designed to provide the children with the skills to work things out themselves. Children as young as four are able to understand Pythagoras’s theorem because they have been taught to understand how the shapes fit together to form squares on the hypotenuse.




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