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Using tints and filters for parents and professionals (downloadable)

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  • around 6.5 hrs of videos...
  • hundreds of pages of explanation¬†
  • why tints are incredible powerful tools
  • why you can't trust your eyes!
  • the importance of lighting

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Tinted lenses and overlays can be used to help many people with a wide range of difficulties, ranging from reading problems to neurological conditions. 

There has been a lot of misinformation about them, and costs have to date been very high to access help.

This course will make it easy for parents as well as professionals to understand when and how to use tinted lenses. 

It is a must for parents with children with autism, reading or writing problems, difficulties with movement and educational underachievement. All special needs teachers need to understand the importance of visual stimulus - this course explains it.

Professionals who deal with special needs or colour, such as optometrists, opticians, occupational therapists, psychologists need to understand what is in this course.  

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